smile everything deserves a smile

My reason to smile again

I been having rough times lately but it’s my fault but I have found my purpose to do things every day it breaks my heart when someone has no food or really is neglected by society just because they don’t have a home or shit well ima start to visit the homeless shelters to give people food and clothing and Money I know people do this or may not but I have a goal for Sunday I heard of a little boy maybe 6-7 who collects cans near the local church his dirty an probs hungry I want to clean him an feed him make him feel like a kid by giving him junk food an some kids books I’ll take my brothers toy his a brat he Dosent know better and he won’t miss them I just want to make someone smile

I feel so alone

I just need a bottle I just lost a lot I’m over with life I just want a bottle idc anymore about rehab I just want to hide and drink my life away

So I guess I have something to say

  • I been cut free for months now I've lost 3 ppl I love so much. Now idk what to do I just want to drink an cut an forget bout this world I need a fake world where I'm happy I wish that would exist but no I'm stuck in this fuxking world

Shotguns and Saddle Shoes

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Shotguns and Saddle Shoes

equinox paranormal: Dead man's ghost strips family naked every night

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Sleeping at night has become a luxury for a Bulawayo’s Cowdry Park family as they are reportedly waking up every morning naked despite having slept wearing clothes.

Sources said the Kazembe family has been experiencing sleepless nights since October last year. The source alleged that the…

Its not the rejection the one that
Makes you feel bad its about the future you thou about an its gone..

Bitch bitch bitch ^__^ thats what h are

Awesome be a bitch idc i have my especial someone :p

You gave me a fake smile an made me happy with a lie u should had just left me the same way wanting to die bc now i want to kill me an you enough said u.u an fuck everyone IDC WHO U ARE still fuck ur self t(^.^)t

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